"Transmutation isn't a slow burn; it's a wildfire. Our inner fires are being reflected on the outer landscape. We're called now to shed ourselves of all that's not aligned with the truth of our higher nature-might be the money, the identity, the dreams, the reputation, the status."
~Danielle La Porte

How different is your life today than it was a year ago? 
Yes, normally New Year's is a time for reflection of the previous year but as the tax day looms over us in America, I find myself reflecting on the last year. The successes and the failures, the connections, the travel and the experiences. 
Time passes quickly and if we don't make time for reflection we will miss celebrating wins (my favorite part) and avoiding making the same mistakes. To honor this journey I'm journaling down some reflections to take with me for the rest of this year. And maybe, just maybe taxes will be a little less tedious this year.😉 

Before journaling I like to break down my year into quarters. In each quarter I add a category of work, social, family, and fun. I then add events from each category in each quarter. After making this detailed list I like to evaluate each category and quarter. Is it even? Am I not having any fun or having too much fun and not focusing enough on work? 

After reviewing my list I journal with these prompts: 
What do I have gratitude for in the last year? In each category as well as overall. 
What do I wish I had not chosen to do last year? And the inevitable, why? 
What helped me grow last year? 
What held me back last year? 
What do I want to see more of before this year comes to a halfway point? 
Where can I focus more to find joy? 

Happy tax season y'all! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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