Clary Sage

Whenever you see an oil from doterra that is made from a flower you can assume two things; the oil is nourishing to the skin and has supportive emotional properties. When I think clary sage I think female hormone support. Clary sage on the abdomen during your menstrual cylces can be a relief but just the aroma is calming to both sexes. The main chemical compound in this oil is linalyl acetate   I love to mix this in the diffuser with bergamot and patchouli and if you’ve hear of my magic hair tonic this is one of the main ingredients. With linalyl acetate and linalool being the main chemistry, healthy hair and skin with relaxing properties is what this oil is all about.

Valentine's Day

❤️ ❤️ ❤️  Ah Valentine’s Day, this is such an interesting day in the future we live in. I feel like my social media is split into two oppositional groups as I scroll through today. One group is very happy, showcasing the loved ones in their life. Some of these are significant others, some of them are their children, an...

Sweet Tooth Cravings

Such a comforting and surprisingly potent oil. Historically this oil has been used for digestion and strength for battle. When taken internally it can be soothing to the digestive system. The aroma is sweet and when applied topically it feels warming, I especially love adding a couple drops to my bath time routine or on sore muscles after an intense workout. If you’re having that sweet tooth this oil is wonderful in a glass of water to curb that craving. When having lower belly aches a drop of oil in some lotion applied to the belly with a warm heating bag. SO much relief.

Postpone Your Reaction

When I’m tired and feel out of sorts I turn to old books I’ve read a hundred times, shows I’ve seen a million times, and my favorite old parenting podcast which feels like listening to old friends. Naptime radio, which is no longer recording, was a podcast I found when my son was at that nap-time age and gave me laughs, perspective and inspiration. Most of all it felt like having a few girlfriends who understood where I was and fed my soul. A portion of the podcast called the “Biz Buzz with Ali P” gave inspiration for business and life, some of my early dips into personal development. This particular mess...