Upside Down

A wise friend once told me, when you’re having a bad day, just stand on your head. Since headstand is not in my personal practice I chose any inversion (where your head is below your heart) to my routine and voilá! Day= Better. Looking at the world from a different perspective, like upside down, can help to illuminate...

Non Attachment

“I envy the tree, how it reaches but never holds.” Non-attachment. One of the hardest principles for my Italian, loyal heart to learn. Clinging to items, people, places, mindsets only brings further anxiety and turmoil. I remind myself when I am fighting with non-attachment to remember our core. Our center which is love. There is nothing we need outside ourselves to seek. The light in me honors the light in you, and in this space there is no need for attachment.


“Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.” A Course In Miracles Forgiveness to who? Forgiveness seems so hard, especially with a wound inflicted from someone you love deeply. Why is it so difficult? Perhaps the answer is held within. Evaluate your relationship with yourself.  What are you not forgiving within yourself? A way you felt you failed someone, the times you felt you didn’t deserve forgiveness yourself.  Can you forgive yourself? I invite you to take a few moments alone meditating or journaling your relationship with SELF forgiveness.