Comfort Zones

We are living in cages with the door wide open.” George Lucas  I love reading and rereading this quote. Just as a bird who has been caged remains in the cage with door open, we know our availability to freedom yet we hold ourselves back. I know I personally do this to myself especially with the stories I create. I may worry I’ve offended someone and change my behavior next time I’m with them- thus holding myself in a false cage. Where do you find yourself staying in the comfort of your cage?  I love eagle pose to strengthen that heart “backbone” and center us in our freedom.

Building Walls

“She spent a life building walls and when she was done she sat there in her “lonely” wondering why nothing grew.” ~Atticus  Do you find yourself building walls, and then complaining at the situation you created? Yes. We all do this. When we have been hurt, it is instinctual to want to close off. Protect ourselves. But just like not allowing anyone to help you, because they won’t “do it right,” this is creating your own reality. Until you can be open to letting someone help you, you will always live in your own solitary misery. Where are you creating your own misery? And how can you change it? I know I can be controlling and want things done a certain way. That is how I am creating my own circumstances, my own ...

New Moon in Leo

Welcome to the new moon, solar eclipse in leo this evening. The new moon is a beautiful time to set new intentions and habits.  Combine this trio in the diffuser or in a roller ball to apply topically.  Ginger, the oil of empowerment taps into the power and strength of the lion. The deep aroma of ginger is activati...


Stop. Breathe. Now do it again but slower this time. We live in a culture where our very identity is tied up with our accomplishments. We wear all we have to do like a badge on our shirt. We wear our “busy-ness” badge like a medal for all to see. In fact, if you don’t appear to hold this “busy” trophy you are likely to be gawked at or judged for being “lazy.” Hiding from true connection behind our schedules. Today I invite you to break the norm. Don’t strive for busy but for presence. Look the clerk directly in the eye today. When someone asks how you are, remove “busy” from your answer list. And delight in the appearance of “lazy.” 

Highlight Reel

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons from within.”  Ursula K Le Guinn I love this quote and it so perfect for the “highlight reel life” perspective. We can pretend that our lives are perfect, post only the happy pictures and the wins on social media. We can also never talk about our problems and pretend that everything is perfect, and stay POSITIVE. But where there is light, there is dark. If you deny the presence of darkness you will be consumed by your own darkness. Of course I’m not saying go o...