The Whole Package

"You can be the whole package and still end up at the wrong address. When this happens, the receiver will mishandle you bc they don’t know what to do with you and they weren’t meant to have you in the first place."


When I read this quote last week in my news feed I assumed it to be about relationships, took a mindful pause and kept scrolling. The universe being the universe, I came across this quote 3 times in one week and decided to start listening.
What if we applied this not only to relationships but friendships? Or jobs? Or goals?
I shared this quote at the beginning of yoga but then I asked the question, how do you get delivered to the wrong address? Sometimes we are guilty for delivering OURSELVES to the wrong address. But how?
Have you ever tried to act different so you fit in, or even blend in? Yep, that’s delivering yourself to the wrong address. By not being authentically yourself, you are attracting those who are this image you are pretending to be. They won’t understand you because they were never meant to have you!
Same thing goes for those of you that feel so woefully out of place. You NEVER fit in and NO ONE understands you… You cling to this wounded, misunderstood creature so much that you deliver yourself to the wrong address (by pushing away anyone who would understand you and hiding your authentic, lovable self).
Now in our yoga practice we focused on where we “deliver ourselves to the wrong address” by seeing where we force it. Do you force EVERY asana because if you don’t you aren’t a “yogi?” Do you hold your breath or modify every pose because you don’t want to "embarrass yourself?”
That is delivering yourself to the wrong address.
In order to deliver ourselves to the right address we must meet ourselves where we are at. This is a day to day process that changes moment by moment. We must be open to returning to ourselves and the present each and every moment.

Where are you delivering yourself to the wrong address and where can you start to adjust?

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