Words as Power

How powerful are your words? 

This question has emerged as a pattern in my life the last few weeks. A few conversations with close friends and listening to a podcast this question continues to surface. 

How do words affect you? Can someone say one word and bring your blood pressure to the ceiling? Can someone say one line to you or on TV that instills fear and that tightness in your chest? 

As said by a yogi I admire greatly on the Bleavn podcast this last week, “The issue is we as  humans focus way too much emphasis on our words. We have an inappropriate amount of concern of the  words use and not as much concern over what they mean.”  
Read that again.  

Not about call out culture.  

With our language, we can chose to be offended by what someone says or we can pause and try to understand why they chose those words. Where can we find the connection or understanding? 

It’s not about call out culture. We shouldn’t be waiting for someone to offend and wrong us. Or assassinate someone for their words. Forgive first. Try to understand second. 

What I love about this message is it also takes your power back. When I allow myself to be offended by another’s words to me, I give them the power to my happiness. I’m not saying this lesson is easy, but try for the next 24 hours to notice where you chose to allow words too much power, or mistake the intent behind the spoken words to be clouded by the focus on the language.

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