“And sometimes, you are going to be as fierce as a dragon armed in scales of impenetrable gold and sometimes you are going to be as vulnerable as a lamb, soft and comforting in newborn wool. Both versions of you are needed. Both versions of you are beautiful.”
~Nikita Gil

It’s so easy to feel less than enough when we’re not at our best. When you know this isn’t your best self, can you trust me that you are ENOUGH in that moment just as much as when you are living your best life? When I’m moody or short with loved ones I feel so low and far beyond enough. I feel like when I feel well rested, strong and kind that is the “real” me. But the further I study the more I believe that even that “best life me” isn’t me. Who I am, who you are is not these characteristics and personalities we show. It’s not when we are being the good or bad but who we are when we are still. That stillness in me is that in you. There is a place where there is no separation from each other and the path there is paved with forgiveness.

And it all starts with self.

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