Autumn Equinox

"the wheel of change is always turning
ever moving us in cycles of regeneration

in releasing we receive 

the night yields to the day 
as the day surrenders
to the night

in the crossings we blend 

this delicate dance of the two and not-two 
holds the mystery of our wholeness 

and love is the force 
that holds us all

as the strings of our hearts 
are tuned to the songs
of remembrance"
~Mystic Mamma, Mijanou Montealegre

Is it just me or has this been a whirlwind of a year? Historic snow, flooding rains and MONSTER BUGS this Summer. I normally dread the end of Summer, my birth season, yet for once I feel gratitude transitioning to Autumn (for those that know me well, you know the reason is bugs. I detest them and want them to all go back to where they came from). Saturday the 23rd marks the Autumn Equinox. Yes, the date of the equinox shifts because the length of a calendar year (365 days) is not equal to the time it takes for Earth to travel around the sun (365.25 days). After Saturday the days will grow shorter with sunlight as our nights grow dark and long. 

This year the equinox also falls on the entrance to libra season. These concurrent events bring powerful energy to add to the celebration and any intentional manifestation. And don't worry, if you need journal prompts for Saturday, I've got you, just scroll to the bottom. 😘 

Rituals surrounding the change of seasons are connected to most civilizations and most of us shift our rituals without marking the season notably. Adding intention to the changes we make can help us keep mindful practices and help the brain shift more intentionally.
Need some examples? In the summer we often have a lot of outdoor activities whether it's gardening, water time and fun, entertaining outside etc. As the season shifts you may still entertain and cook outside but no longer need citronella candles, towels, or sun-blocking umbrellas. You may need access to beanies, blankets and start thinking about covering pipes and disconnecting hoses. Taking the day to make a conscious shift of what you no longer need for the upcoming season and what you now may need as we lose daylight is a perfect way to shape your day to welcome Fall. 

Citruses and spices like clove, cinnamon and cardamon are aromas I shift to as we enter the Fall season. Some of my favorite combos:
Wild orange, cassia, clove 
Tangerine, cinnamon, ginger
Peppermint, eucalyptus, cassia (I KNOW it sounds odd, but trust me on this one)
OnGuard+Wild orange
Use proportions of 3 parts citrus for every cinnamon, cassia or ginger part. Oils like the latter mentioned are "hot" oils and can feel warm and possibly irritating if you get them on your skin. Make sure to keep lotion or coconut oil (or even olive oil in a pinch) if you get any on your skin. *Remember the golden rule that oil takes off oil, water will drive it in (or make more intense). 

The sign of Libra is a symbol of scales evenly hanging. Lady justice is modeled after the sign's scale of balance. Having equal light and equal dark on the entrance to the season which craves balance is a perfect time to evaluate how we are living and what shifts we need to make. 

Happy Autumn equinox to all of you and may you enjoy and celebrate this change of seasons! I hope you have yummy seasonal drink like some mulled apple cider or indulge in some squash recipes and pumpkin treats! 

Journal Prompts:
What are you grateful for as we leave Summer? 
*What was best and worst moments of Summer?
What comes to mind when you hear the word "balance?"
What do you need more of right now? How can you add that in to your routine every week? 
*What is not serving you right now? 
*What feels heavy right now?
What feels light?
What do you enjoy about Autumn? (Sights, sounds, smells?)
Describe the perfect Fall day. 
What is one habit you'd like to add to your life? 
What are qualities you love about yourself? 

As always if you're someone who doesn't like to keep any prompts of negative feelings you can journal the asterisked prompts on a separate sheet and burn after journaling.

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