Summer Solstice

"Connect with the sun that keeps you bright and alive. Accept the fire that burns away all you have outgrown, all that no longer serves you. Release it by using your new power, and welcome the future into your present because today is a TURNING POINT for you and for all. Say yes to the Light, YOUR Light. Happy Summer Solstice!" 
~Black Mountain Yoga 

Welcome to the longest daylight of the year as well as our entrance into the astrological sign of cancer. The sign of cancer brings introspection and while aligning on the solstice this can immense feelings of nostalgia today. The moon moving into the alignment of Jupiter and Mars brings sharp energy to change. In fact, today and tomorrow could feel like a different, more high-paced world than yesterday, a complete 180. With high energy and nostalgia it may be a hard time to focus on work or indoor tasks as the Summer outside feels like it's pulling you away. 
On this beautifully warm solstice enjoy a meal made with local ingredients (or some from your own garden), eat with your hands, stand outside without shoes, and (SAFELY) light a fire to honor our return to Summer! 
On this Midsummer's evening I will be enjoying time with friends around a fire. Burning slips of paper releasing what we need to let go of including bad habits, negative thought patterns, negative phrases, etc. After releasing into the fire we start journaling, some love using prompts like myself, and some prefer open ended journaling. If you need a little help when it comes to journaling use some of my prompts below. 
For this celebration we will be diffusing wild orange, bergamot and spearmint. This fresh and uplifting oils feel like sunshine and Summer bringing in abundance and calm. What special rituals do you hold of this day?

Journal Prompts:
What are your favorite Summer memories? 
What smells do you associate with Summer? 
List what makes it "Feel like Summer" when it arrives. 
What emotions do you want to feel more of? 

Looking for a way to integrate a more natural lifestyle?
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