Lunar New Year, Year of the Water Tiger

  I love the Lunar New Year! I save my resolutions, word of the year, and yearly mantra for the Lunar New Year (yes part of the reasoning is due to the fact that I’m just not ready yet January first).

    Lunar New year or more commonly called the Chinese New Year is upon us. This day is marked in many regions as a day of large celebration and transition into a new year. Red is commonly worn and it is a day of celebration and food. Yes the date is forever changing because this holiday, like Easter is marked by the moon. The Lunar New Year is the day after the second new moon after the winter solstice.

    The Lunar Calendar involves the 12 zodiac signs alternating every year, an element and an energy of yin or yang or male or female. This new year is the year of the water tiger. In Chinese culture, tigers are seen as a sign of strength and courage and even good luck. Tigers are known as the King of the jungle in Chinese culture and this animal brings us the ability to harness ambitious leadership. The element being water this year flows with energy of kindness, gentleness as well as focus. The specific sign of the "Water Tiger" has not been seen since the year 1962, so we have a rare tiger energy we can tap into this year. The last two years have been a bit of a holding pattern due to the pandemic and this energy of the new year is a wonderful place to launch. Whether you need a new personal routine or you are embarking on a new business endeavor, this Lunar year brings great flow and confidence to create change. 

        Never a greater time to start a daily physical practice than this new year. If you want a daily way to tap into yoga feel free to private message me to get started on this journey. 
      Oils I’m diffusing this new year include passion and green mandarin or peppermint and motivate. These oils rev up the inspiration and energy helping me focus and set those goals and intentions for the lunar year ahead. Always remember, when inhaling an aroma, the pathway is directly connected to our brain where memories are processed and stored. Aroma is a powerful way to tap into the subconscious mind and help influence our thoughts. 

Even more insight can be found when you look at what year and element you were born under. 
I was born in the year of the water boar, what year were you born in?

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