Full Moon in Gemini

Last night we had the full moon in gemini, our last full moon of the year. Full moons are a time for release and letting go and with this full moon conjunct with Mars in retrograde this moon is no different.
What does that mean? Basically this moon energy is going to be INTENSE. Emotions are high at the surface with communication feeling muddled in between. Be sure to be clear on intentions, instructions or be prepared to hold off on any serious conversations and decisions until Saturday or later. Words are powerful so chose your words carefully the next few days, and please follow the best advice a dear friend ever gave me: "Mind ya business." 

If it doesn't directly affect you, let it go. Mind ya business. 

Journaling for release around this full moon left me feeling a lot lighter and ready for focus. Use my journal prompts below to dive into this full moon energy, take some space for meditation and let me know how you're feeling on this final full moon of the year. 

What are your energy levels right now?

What are you putting your energy towards? 

How can I redirect this energy to light the areas of my life I feel are missing? 

How do I feel when I'm misunderstood? 

What communication style do I envy or wish I could replicate?

How do I feel when someone truly gets me or "sees me?" 

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