Winter Solstice 

Yesterday was the first day of winter and the longest day of darkness in the year.  Each day after this will include a little more sunlight, giving us a glimmer of hope of the warmth to come. On this night of celebration, introspection is key and welcoming the darkness eliminates the distraction light brings with all its beauty. While in darkness the connection to self becomes easier, clearer. The winter solstice comes at the beginning of Capricorn season. Capricorn is known to be a steady, grounded sign. With two planets already in the sign of Capricorn (Mercury and Venus) the sense of calm and planning is among us. 

Diffusing cassia, clove and Siberian fir this week for protection and celebration. Cassia is warm and spicy while Siberian fir gives us the crisp wintery scent and clove with its protection adds a little bit of spice. 

If you want to tap into this focused energy it's a wonderful time to reflect on the last season. What worked? What didn't? What do you truly need to let go of? What do you need to let die with this winter? 

If you know me you know the lion in me LOVES the Summer and the sun. The winter can seem lonely and melancholy however, this year I am focusing on rest. Renew. It's been a rough couple years for all of us so focusing on rest is important. When your phone's storage is full, you have to delete some items before it allows you to update the system. 
Do you have room for an update? Most of us are storing unused thoughts, shames, shoulds and regrets. Beginning with letting go of what we don't need helps us focus on the "update." 

Journal prompts:

What do you need to let go of? 
What negative feelings do you have for yourself?
What regrets and shame are you punishing yourself with? 
What do you feel guilty about? 
What habits do you want to let go of? 
What does darkness feel like? 
What does light feel like? 
What do you want to feel more of? 
What is a perfect day? 
What do you want to feel at the beginning and end of each day? 

Be bold. Capricorn is not shy. Let go of it with the shame and the emotions. You are no longer that person, let it go. 

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