We could all use a little more balance in our lives right now.   


Balance is a combination of essential oils with chemical compounds such as limonene, known for its stress reducing properties. Balance, known as the grounding blend, creates a tranquil environment and promotes relaxation.

This year has brought so many changes and stressors to our world. Everyday routines have drastically altered and our “normal” is a beautiful nostalgia.

If you find yourself feeling more tightly wound try adding a drop of balance to your pulse points or bottoms of your feet twice a day. During a stressful moment balance is a wonderful oil to diffuse or rub in your hands and inhale deeply to tap into some relaxation and calm down those nerves.

I keep this oil in my bedside table for easy use in the morning and at night with meditation as well as a mini bottle with me when I’m out and about. Not only do I love it for those stressful shopping trips (a great oil to put a small drop on the inside of your mask) but my son and 4 legged kids love it as well.
What is keeping you balanced right now? For me it’s weekly phone calls or FaceTimes with friends as well as morning meditation and of course yoga.

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