Age is Just a Number: Honoring my Dad's Wisdom

My dad had many typical "Dadisms" that he would say throughout my life. One that grew to be one of my favorites is "Age is just a number." It's funny how these simple words can hold so much meaning, isn't it? As I reflect on my dad's wisdom, I find myself clinging to its truth more and more.

You see, my dad had this unique way of viewing the world. To him, age was never a limitation but rather a reminder to embrace life fully, regardless of the number of years under our belts. His words resonate with me now more than ever, as I navigate the ups and downs of adulthood. 

Age has this funny way of creeping up on us. We often associate certain milestones or expectations with different stages of life. But my dad believed that age shouldn't define us.  Whenever a birthday came along as I got older if I was like oh man, I'm getting OLD, my dad would laugh and say, "Age is just a number." He'd explain how many people started their career or fortune at 40, or how some people are active and fit at 70 and some are dying at 20. It's just a number, but how we feel on the inside and the attitude we keep is what REALLY matters for longtime happiness. 

And he was right. We are never too young to start something new or change direction. Whether it's picking up a new hobby, pursuing a long-held dream, or embarking on a new career path, age should never be a barrier. After all, life is too short to let arbitrary numbers dictate our potential.

But here's the beautiful part – we can find joy at any age. It's never too late to discover what truly makes our hearts sing. I miss his wisdom more and more the longer he's left this earthside, so reminding myself of his messages helps me feel closer to him on rough weeks like this one. 

So, how can we embody the spirit of "age is just a number" in our own lives? It starts with honoring the wisdom of those who came before us. My dad's legacy reminds me to shift my mindset and focus on the endless opportunities that age presents. I didn't begin running until my 20s nor even try aerial silks until I was 33 and I can't imagine my life without these activities. 

Now, I know it's easier said than done. We live in a society that often places undue pressure on age-related milestones. It takes courage to be the only adult in a beginner's ballet class or learn to swim as an adult (a dear friend of mine embarked on this journey recently at the age of 38). But my dad's words continue to inspire me to defy expectations and blaze my own trail, no matter how old I am and you should too.

As I reflect on my dad's timeless wisdom, let's take a moment to ponder some journal prompts:

  1. What age do you first remember feeling "too old" for something? What are some emotions that came up?
  2. When you were younger what age did you think was the age you needed to be to "make it?" Or did you have beliefs around appropriate ages to excel in career or have kids or marriage? 
  3. Think of a dream or goal you've put on hold because you felt you were too young or too old. Is there anything you've always wanted to try but you've told yourself you're too "old" to start now? 
  4. Reflect on moments in your life where you've felt the most alive and fulfilled. How can you incorporate more of these moments into your daily life, regardless of your age?
  5. Consider someone you admire who embodies the spirit of "age is just a number." Perhaps someone who gained success later in life or was a life long learner. What lessons can you learn from their journey?

Remember, age is not a limit – it's a gift. Let's honor the wisdom of those who came before us and embrace each day with open arms and a heart full of possibility.

Love Always, 

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