April Twentieth  

The 20th of April is upon us and for those who grew up in Snoop Dog culture you know just what that means... 

Many states including Nevada have legalized recreational marijuana. For those of you partaking in this event, arm yourselves with the essentials! 

Purify~ will eliminate the smell of any recreational haze🌿. Add a couple drops to a small spray bottle of water and spray after smoking to yourself and any fabrics. Also a great cleaner for glassware. 

Breathe~ Add just one drop to any water pipe (no more) to enjoy a clean and refreshing experience. Also good to use on the chest or aromatically in a diffuser. Promotes healthy respirations! We have many breathe products including a breathe stick which is an easy to apply (hands free) pre diluted way to promote open airways. 

Lemon~ Cleans like magic! 1 drop with isopropyl alcohol to any glassware or directly for spot cleaning residue. Stuck on resin to your glass or even fingers when cleaning? No problem, one drop is all you need directly on the spot. Wonderful to add to drinking water which promotes detoxing. (Most citruses have this property so if you have lime or wild orange it will work just as well)

Balance or Adaptiv~ If you're feeling a little too spacey or anxiety creeps in, use these grounding aromas! One drop on feet, neck or just inhale from the bottle! 

Serenity Softgels- Prone to stress and BIG feelings? Taking one or two soft gels with some water is an easy way to chill out. These act like nature's chill pills and help you feel relaxed and less wound up. 

Mito2Max~ When you overindulge and need motivation! Take 2 capsules to bring back that energy when you've gone too mellow. 🦄

**** Disclaimer: in no way, shape or form am I in any way qualified to replace your doctor's or employers advice and stance on recreational cannabis.*****

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