Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New year! The Lunar New Year is the day after the second new moon following the winter solstice. This day is marked in many regions as a day of large celebration and transition into a new year and is celebrated for days. Red is commonly worn and it is a day of joy and food.
    The Lunar Calendar involves the 12 zodiac signs alternating every year, an element and an energy of yin or yang or male or female. This new year is the year of the water rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is a sign of hope and longevity of life. The moon goddess Chang'e in the Chinese legend has a rabbit as her companion. Lore was built around this legend that the rabbit is the incarnation of the moon goddess and it is a symbol of pureness and auspiciousness.
The element of water this year flows with travel and movement. This year will feel like a small stream when it comes to going places and the movement in our lives. 
Water is unpredictable, so having a plan B is wise. Be prepared for last minute changes and remember to stay calm and go with the flow. When we flow with water, things are smooth so perception and outlook will be important to keep in check. 
Now more than ever is a wonderful time to start a meditation or personal devotion practice. Finding time to sit and quietly breathe twice a day can help you feel centered and avoid the erratic energy of the rabbit while sitting in the flow of the water element. If you need help on a mindful practice feel free to message me or drop a note in the comments. 
Oils I’m diffusing this new year include peace and breathe. These oils spark inspiration and keep a calm fresh scent so I can focus and set those goals and intentions for the lunar year ahead. Always remember, when inhaling an aroma, the pathway is directly connected to our brain where memories are processed and stored. Aroma is a powerful way to tap into the subconscious mind and help influence our thoughts. 
Even more insight can be found when you look at what year and element you were born under.
I was born in the year of the water boar, what year were you born in?

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