Lion's Gate 

“Remember what you must do when they undervalue you, 
when they think your softness is your weakness, 
when they treat your kindness like it is their advantage. 
You awaken every dragon, 
every wolf, 
every monster that sleeps inside of you
 and you remind them what hell looks like when it wears the skin of a gentle human.”

― Nikita Gill, Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire and Beauty

Today I welcome you to the new moon in Leo on a very special day. Today is known as the Lion's Gate Portal when the sun in Leo aligns with the star system Sirius (yes, this high frequency star system is known for its greatness so much that many electronics were named in its honor). This astrological event happens every year however, today the new moon, also coming in the sign of Leo will be rising during the Lion's Gate on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year. Yes that magical 8 number known in history to be revered; in christianity, Chinese culture, Egyptian culture, Japanese culture and more. This special number of 8 known in some cultures to bring prosperity, abundance and success. 

The 8 placed on its side is the symbol of infinity, no beginning and no end. 

New moons are a wonderful time to manifest. The moon appears at its smallest size, giving us only energy to GROW. It is a blank slate to start our intentions again. I love to journal and visualize what I want to manifest into existence on every new moon and this one has some special attributes. 

The abundance of Leo energy is where I like to focus to embrace and feel the full capacity of this special time. The sign of Leo has courage, confidence, strength, love, and self expression. Focusing on these positive qualities in yourself or what you want more of is a perfect place to start. BOLDNESS is the key. Do not shrink yourself or downplay your shine. 

So what are my plans for embracing this fire-y and abundant night of energy and some advice for you to do the same?

Step 1: 
Wear what makes YOU feel amazing. Sweats an old tee with a full face of makeup? Get it! No pants, a tank top and a tiara? Go for it! A long gown? Work it! Even if you just add a scarf or necklace you love, make yourself feel amazing. Confidence starts with you LOVING you, not the perception of you according to others. This is an important step that as a Leo, I embrace every day. My own personal style includes clothes that make me feel sexy, original and authentic... So maybe beyond this day, you embrace my birthday month and include one item (whether it's an accessory, sock, shirt or shoe) every day that you LOVE and makes you feel like the best version of YOU! This may not translate to the rest of the world agreeing with you, but that's not for you to worry about. 

Step 2:
Indulge in a snack or treat WITHOUT guilt. This can be a snack, a drink (non alcoholic or non), a trashy mystery novel or Netflix episode or series... I'm not here to judge. 

Step 3: 
Take some deep breaths. Take a few minutes to yourself or with others in quiet to breathe deeply and consciously. How long? Whatever works for you. If you can only do this for a few minutes, wonderful! Maybe you can set a timer for 8 minutes and tap into that divine number. 

Step 4:
Journal your DREAM life. This can be in a journal, on a blank sheet of paper, whatever you like. I have some following prompts to help you start to visualize what you want to manifest remembering there is no limit but what you place in your own way. Do not limit yourself to my ideas or your previous experiences . You are limitless. 

  • How are you unique? What compliments have you received?
  • What strengths do you love about yourself? 
  • What makes you feel confident? 
  • What makes you feel successful? 
  • What do you want more of? 
  • What is your dream job? (Journal or visualize this IN DETAIL. From what you feel, see and say while in this role. Be as descriptive as possible. Visualization is powerful so if only journaling, consider visualizing what you journaled before you sleep and when you wake before you touch your phone or rise in the morning)
  • What does your dream life look like? Visualize a day, week, month of what this would look like. Once again, being as descriptive in detail and visualization as possible. 
  • What do you want to manifest in the next year? 

*I like to take my journaling and SAFELY burn this paper. It's Leo season after all, tapping into this fire energy I like to burn my manifestations to bring them to light. 

Try to keep away from negative thoughts or fears tonight. The shadow side always needs to be met but this evening is for focusing and harnessing the power of the POSITIVE. Leaning into the negative is best avoided on this magical night of manifestation.

Happy Leo season y'all.


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