Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is the longest day of sunlight. I grew up celebrating the solstices and as I grew older I started to focus more on the symbolism of the celebration and the rituals that came along with it. On this Summer solstice, there is the MOST amount of daylight we will enjoy all year, Light symbolizes good. The following questions I use for my prompts when journaling:

What do you love about yourself? 

What do you love to do?

What lights the fire of passion in you? 

When counter or negative thoughts come in to doubt write all these down on a separate piece of paper and then crumble and throw it away or burn it (safely). 

Some of the oils I'm drawn to for this celebration are Passion and tangerine. Tangerine is an uplifting scent and the oil of creativity, perfect for inspiration and tapping into that light. Passion is spicy and warm encouraging confidence and helping tap into the playful fun nature of the holiday. 

*Always remember citrus oils can make the skin photosensitive when oils on exposed skin are in prolonged sunlight. So cover up with clothing or sunblock up (or diffuse your tangerine and avoid the issue completely). 

Summer Solstice 
~ Carrie Richards
This was when the whole world measured time
This is when the light would turn around
This is where the past would come undone 
and the spinning earth will mark a new beginning
Let's go back in time, to when it all began
To the breaking of new dawns
Where moments bright with fire, would light the chanting song
Where pagans worshipped sun, and danced among the trees
Wore strange masks of covered straw, and blessed cold ash with awe
Wreaths hung upon the door against all spirit's, dire
and when the winter's grasp let go, the sun reversed the pyre
This was when the whole world measured time
This is when the light would turn around
So that spring arrives, and seeds will sprout and grow
Oh, radiant sun, stretch the day, shorten night 
Return earth's darkness into light This is where the light
will turn around
And this was where the past has comes undone

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