Speaking to Yourself

your words
can plant gardens
or burn
whole forests down.”
~Gemma Troy

What are you planting inside your head? Are your words encouraging? Loving?
Or are you being cruel, fear based and dark?

My intentions for speaking kind words to myself start out well, but 20 minutes into the world of 2020 and I’m in a tailspin. From news media, social media, radio and otherwise, 2020 has been filled with messages of hate, fear, and polarization. Even if my day starts off well, 10 minutes into social media and I feel that familiar grip of fear as I watch my thoughts become fire not flowers.

In yoga we used this quote to see how we speak to ourselves. Nothing like a physical practice to become aware of the thoughts swirling around in our head. Noticing how cruel or gentle we were with ourselves. By noticing beginning to shift and change those thoughts even if it’s sole focus becomes the breath.

Yes, we should speak kinder to each other but remember to start within. Changing the world begins within.

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