Need some life hacks right now?

Purify is MANY life hacks packaged into one 244 drop bottle. This bottle lives on my cleaning supply shelf because the refreshing aroma combats ALL kinds of odors and unwanted aromas. Add it to your room spray or multipurpose cleaner for a refreshing boost. The aroma is not only crisp and clean smelling it also repels bugs which is SO Needed in these warm bug filled summer days. In fact if you have any bites from creepy crawlers this little oil can help soothe when applied to the skin.

However, one of my favorite uses right now happens to be combatting “mask-ne.” Yep, if you’ve been suffering from blemishes in the areas where you are wearing a mask purify will come to your rescue! Applying a small amount twice a day on the blemishes after washing your face can help alleviate this new world issue.

Message me for details. 😘

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