Black Spruce

This oil is high in bornyl acetate, a chemical component that promotes relaxation and calmness.

Bornyl acetate can also brighten skin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase which helps produce melanin. Using on any skin spots topically where melanin seems inconsistent can help smoothen.

Yes, even just smelling this oil can relax and calm improving mood.
How does it achieve this magic? Monoterpenes. These organic compounds are known to boost mood. More specifically, alpha pinene, one of the most studied plant constituents, can penetrate the blood brain barrier.

The end product is a versatile oil with measurable qualities but do you know where this oil comes from? In fact, whether you use doterra or not do you know WHERE your oils come from? And do you know the process of how they go from plant to your doorstep? One more reason I personally chose and LOVE doterra. Black spruce is one example of our commitment to sustainability and fair trade.

Black spruce trees thrive in the cold northern forests and grow prolifically in the northern United States, Canada, and general arctic. Black spruce essential oil is sustainably and responsibly sourced from Canada.
The essential oil comes from the leftover materials of the lumbar industry. When a tree is harvested, its trunk is quickly stripped of branches and needles. The trunks are used by various industries, but the branches and needles get left behind…

Historically, no one has been able to create additional value from the remnant branches and needles-UNTIL NOW!

These leftover materials are steam distilled to make a powerful essential oil. After the tree remnants are distilled for essential oil, they’re taken to a local power plant and burned to produce energy. From this process, the branches and needles produce steam which then powers the distillation process once again. This closed-loop system allows for maximum environmental sustainability and responsibility.

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