Election Day

Holding these oils close to me today at the polls. Harnessing and elevating peace is the only way to find our way back to connection.
For yoga I read the following reading for our intention and it’s a good read for today.
“If you go to the southwest desert and catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen.
However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight each other until they eventually kill each other.
The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar.
This is exactly what’s happening in society today. Person vs person.
The real question we need to be asking ourselves is who’s shaking the jar and why?”
~Alex Morton
Sometimes we shake our own jar and make ourselves upset. Our own personal perspective can bring so much peace or so much chaos. So smile and take a deep breath.

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