Dia de los Muertos

Purify is an oil I think of for those life hacks and deep cleaning tips. Known to purify the air, use as an all purpose cleaner, and air filter booster; purify is all about cleaning and refreshing. I’ve shared its hidden uses to help alleviate symptoms when seasonal threats are high. As well as its ability to eliminate odor and neutralize even the strongest of smells.

However, today is Dia de los Muertos. I diffuse purify or use a spritz bottle of water and purify to cleanse my house and the altar we set up on this day, right before I do a saging of the house and altar. When diffused, purify assists in releasing toxic emotions and revitalizing the energy system. This aroma is known to emotionally help us move past bad habits and breakthrough heal and allow new, clean energy to enter.

What are your day of the dead rituals?

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