Harvest Moon

She was devoted to the moon. In its darkness she found comfort. In its light she found hope.

Welcome to the full harvest moon in Aries, the warrior sign. Most full moons tend to bring tension and high emotions and unfortunately this stubborn sign is no exception. Specifically any tension you are feeling in relationships right now may be at a height; if you are feeling rather frustrated, know that you are not ALONE (I mean, it’s 2020, you don’t need a full moon to tell you that). The tenacious sign of Aries can be impulsive and reckless when out of control, so not acting on extreme emotion but giving yourself space and time to process your “real” emotion is key. The way to navigate this strong pull is to allow yourself to feel but not act impulsively when intense emotions pop up.
Find some balance this evening by giving back to yourself with some self care and journaling. When you are fulfilled and taken care of you are much less likely to explode from something as common as the moon, but when depleted you may feel more likely to lash out.
I know when I’m burning the candle at both ends I’m much more likely to lash out or take something personally when I normally would not. Taking a bath, some time alone to journal, or taking a moonlit walk is the perfect way to release this energy and feel back in tune. Physical exertion, self reflection, and SELF LOVE.

I am loving diffusing cardamom and ginger this evening as I journal my fears and obstacles by the light of the moon. After journaling these fears I burn the paper by the full moon and then journal the opposite of the fears I burned to create an image of the new phenix that rises. Harnessing confidence, fierceness and tenacity that only the sign of Aries can bring.

Cardamom is the oil of anger and can dispel anger and lighten the mood from this intense energy. It’s also a warmer oil to keep your fire stoked as these nights grow colder.

Ginger is a spicy oil and the oil of empowerment making it the perfect oil for the sign of Aries. This oil inspires action and authentic confidence helping you take charge of this emotionally driven moon and transmuting it into potential for change and empowerment!

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