Muddy Water

“They muddy the water to make it seem deep.” Friedrich Nietzsche

The water can become clouded, making it hard to see our direction, our path or even to formulate a clear thought. But to truly feel the depth of this quote I had to ask myself the question, who are “they?” Is they, society, others around us? Making it hard to see our true selves?

No. Look further. What if “they” was the ego. The ego, constantly convincing you that you are not good enough. The ego trying to “muddy” or distort your view of yourself. Make you doubt. Make you forget… Forget what? What you are, which is LOVE. You are whole.

How do you clear muddy water? By leaving it alone. But how can we possibly leave the ego alone?!
BREATHE. The focus brought back to the breath can calm and quiet the ego’s loud voice. During our physical yoga practice this last week we used this intention, the asana doesn’t matter, whether it is a resting pose or a “peak pose.” It is the breath that helps us transform from this ego-based world and tap into that which never changes. That within.

And so it is. 

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