Confidence in a Bottle

Let me introduce you to one of my little secrets. 

✨Whisper is a spicy yet sweet, musky yet floral oil perfect to be worn as a signature scent. Why? Because this distinctive blend combines with an individual’s chemistry creating your own unique scent.

When I feel less than myself or can’t feel “right” with an outfit I reach for whisper. It’s the little magic sauce of confidence that makes me feel sexy and sultry and right back to myself.🖤

Despite its complexity, whisper blends well with others. So if you prefer it in a diffuser it’s wonderful with the drop of wild orange or even balance. If you’re looking to inspire some romance diffusing whisper with a little passion is my favorite diffuser love potion.
Place whisper on your pulse points, pat it on clothing, or add it to lotion and apply all over skin- Coco Chanel did say, you put perfume where you want to be kissed 😉.

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